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Finding The Root Causes of My Anxiety and Depression

How The Darin Method® Restored My Soul

As told to Linda Darin

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go back. By revealing the patterns and beliefs developed early in her life with The Darin Method®, my client found clarity–and the inner resolve to make life-changing choices. Here is her story in her words.

The early years

There is a picture of me at three years old on New Year’s Eve, holding a glass of champagne. I don’t have a clear memory of it, but my siblings tell me I was singing and acting drunk—at the tender age of only three! I was doing exactly what my father did to cope with his anxiety and depression. I was drinking and acting out.

I never thought the first five years of my life were significant—until I started my spiritual healing journey with Linda Darin. Not only where those early years important but The Darin Method® showed me just how pivotal they were to the roadblocks I was experiencing today. Put simply, they were the root causes of my adult anxiety and depression.

I had a deep resistance and unwillingness to connect with my emotions of fear and shame that caused anxiety. I was nervous talking with my mother about my birth and early childhood. I wanted to avoid thoughts and feelings associated with that trauma. I had feelings of abandonment and rejection, which I tried to avoid.  Digging deeper into abandonment and rejection only caused further anxiety .

Pattern – I put walls up to not allow anyone close to me.
Belief – If someone gets close to me, they will not love me.
Emotions – fear, unworthiness, defensiveness, aloneness

Releasing anxiety

I learned to pretend I was happy. I began to build up walls to protect myself against my family and other people. My anxiety prevented me from having loving feelings towards my family and others. I became distant, and feelings of sadness would emerge because I felt so alone.

As a child, I had anxiety around my father’s drinking. I asked him to stop drinking when I was just five years old. I realized why I hid under the table. He would drink, get loud, yell, and be unpredictable. I felt alone and fearful as my siblings did not seem to agree this was a problem.

With Linda’s Intuitive Counsel, I realized how much I relied on alcohol as an adult and never dealt with any of my emotions. I do not drink anymore, and I can feel and express my emotions  through daily journaling, energy healing, and deep soul work. I can release my feelings before they hold me captive and bring chaos to my life. As I have been doing this healing work, I began to write poems about my feelings, which is also very healing to me. Some tools I use to release my anxiety and depression are deep breathing, Chakra Balancing, and talking to God daily. With Linda’s guidance, I am beginning to have an intimate relationship with God in a new way. I am learning that body, mind, and spirit healing allow my heart to open and my thoughts to be pure.

My participation in the weekly book group of Experience God that Linda leads has been impactful. This book group helps me shift my focus on developing a love relationship with God. I realize how much I can rely on him to support me through my worries and fears. I feel my walls breaking and loosening up. The Experiencing God Workshop group has been a true gift and blessing! I continue the relationship by praying throughout the day to God. I know this is a big part of my healing. Thank you, Lord!

Pattern – I do not trust my family.
Belief – No one cares or loves me.
Emotions – fear, abandonment, unworthiness, aloneness

Failing to trust

When I was around four or five years old, I almost drowned in a pool while my family members were nearby. The pool incident only fostered my depression and feeling of powerlessness. I lost all hope in my family of having any love for me, and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness became second nature. I hid all my dark emotions of anxiety and depression through fake smiles, building walls, and not trusting others. I felt trapped and withdrawn from my family and felt like I could not trust anyone. I hid all my feelings. It was only through the Darin Method® that I realized the feelings of sadness, powerlessness, hopeless and helplessness as a child that led to deep depression.

As an adult, the pattern of not trusting others continued. I would not share much about my life with my family, and they referred to me as having a secret life. In actuality, I had unresolved trust issues from childhood. I didn’t know how to handle the trust issues or even explain what I was feeling.

The legacy of alcoholism

I used alcohol to numb my feelings of anxiety and depression in my older years. My emotions would surface, and I would ignore them with a television show or sitcom and drink. It developed into a habit in my late thirties where I was drinking a bottle a night, if not more. I had set the same pattern my father had with his addiction and inability to cope with his emotions. The legacy continued.

As I chose to move deeper into the Darin Method® process, I was open to Linda guiding me into a Soul Healing. During the Soul Healing, I felt the tremendous depression of my mother feeling alone. I felt the grief of her unborn child. It was something that I felt in the womb the entire time—coupled with the overwhelming unacknowledged grief of feeling my unborn brother suffering in the womb. I felt unworthy my whole life because I took his place in this life and had deep remorse, guilt, and sadness. I could feel the energy of God working through Linda to release these truths.

The Soul Healing facilitated a release of my dark emotions of depression, guilt, and sadness. I felt a weight lifted afterward, which made me feel connected to my mind, body, and spirit. It was the missing piece of why I felt different as a child, and it was the feelings of unacknowledged grief linked to depression throughout my life. By going through the Soul Healing, I’ve become more compassionate about what my mother went through. This compassion is leading me more to trusting my family. My relationship with my mother is healing more each day, and it’s opening me up to my older siblings as well. I think this would be the same if my father were alive today. Linda is also assisting me with the gift of forgiveness through this process.

Pattern – Older sisters would dress me up like a doll.
Belief – I was not pretty enough.
Emotions – sadness

Feeling unworthy

When I was young, my sisters would dress me up and put makeup on me like a doll. Looking back, this was the foundation of my not feeling good enough, not pretty enough, and having low self-esteem. In my twenties, I had a boyfriend that I loved. When we broke up, I became very depressed, yet never showed anyone. I would come home from work, and barely eat. I would cry on the couch, in the shower, and everywhere. I felt so heartbroken and not good enough. These experiences fostered my depression and feelings of being unloved.

After working through the Darin Method®, I feel lighter with my emotions and a sense of inner peace. The Darin Method®, Soul Healing, and Intuitive Counsel helped identify and release the broken fragments of my early life from birth to age five. Linda has helped me put the pieces of my Soul back together.

Learning to love myself

I’ve learned to lean on God and his light to brighten my darkness. Linda recommended reading Psalm 23 in the morning and Psalm 91 at night. The combination of both scriptures has strengthened my faith and trust in the Lord. I am learning to love myself more each day which builds my self-esteem. I’m no longer the little girl who doesn’t feel pretty enough. My self-love journal helps me take the time to reflect each day and that has been the real treasure. I’m now a woman that sees herself as beautiful and her younger self as always having been pretty. Thank you, God!

Today anxiety manifests itself through work stress. I am a human-machine, pushing out work and striving to be the best at it. At times I pull my hair to deal with the stress. With Linda’s guidance, I have realized this impulse control, and I have become more aware of pulling urges. So now I can finally identify that it is related to the anxiety I feel. As far as depression, I don’t experience it anymore as Linda helped me connect the dots that my drinking was a pattern of an alcoholic. I’ve stopped drinking, and my depressive thoughts are no longer an issue.

The reconnecting with God and the Darin Method® has provided me with tools that I didn’t have as a child to get me through times of anxiety or any other dark emotions. I have clarity, strength, courage, and perseverance that I have never experienced before. I feel like I have soul prosperity!

I have taken many suggestions like meditating, listening to music (classical and worship music for me), being in nature, and connecting with my Soul. I have grown in appreciation for God and the light he has placed within me. I feel I am enough – I’ve always been enough. I now recognize the light within me and the love that fills me with God.

I highly recommend The Darin Method®, Soul Work, and all the beautiful learning experiences about God that this has offered me. I believe in the connection of body, mind, and Soul. I am so grateful. Thank you, God!


Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Psalm 91: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

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