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Energy Healing, Helping People, Helping the World

Energy Healing Life ForceEnergy Healing, Helping People, Helping the World

Many people wish there was a way to ease their physical and emotional pain without medication, and others desire to make a difference in the world but feel helpless.

Energy Healing can be the answer to both of these desires. Life Force energy is present in every living and non-living thing, it is the essence of the universe and all that is in it. Even though each person contains this energy, it does not come from one but through one from the source.

Energy Healing practitioners come from every walk of life, from many backgrounds, and have been trained in some form of healing work. This may include but is not limited to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Sacral Cranial Balancing, Chakra Healing and Balancing, Guidance, Hypnosis, Meditation and Prayer.  Many practitioners of Energy Healing use multiple disciplines that they have been trained in, creating a unique form of using the Energy to heal that works best for them.

The history of Energy Healing goes back thousands of years and is found in many cultures, including ancient practices in the Orient as well as in the religions of Native Peoples.

How does it work? The practitioner will draw on the Energy available to all, and guide it around and through one’s body to smooth out disturbances in the physical and spiritual aspects. This action realigns the body’s balances and flow of energy to enable the body and spirit to heal. Pain relief is a very common outcome. Emotional release is often experienced. The practice can involve gentle touching or no touching at all. Talking about what one feels in one’s body or what is troubling the mind helps in releasing pressure and opening the mind and body to receive.

How can Energy Healing be used to help the world?  We read and hear about the distress that is present in many countries today: Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Central America. In addition there are concerns that stretch across national borders: human trafficking, poverty, epidemics, environmental destruction.

Those who are familiar and trained in Energy Healing can join together over distance, using their intention, to create a shift in the Universal Energy that will establish change in the world. It could result in a sudden shift of the path of a hurricane, or the shift could occur in the minds of people who are in power over a situation. One example would be the disturbances in Syria that were recently in the news. Many people signed petitions to the President of the United States asking him to refrain from military involvement, and many Energy Practitioners concentrated their energetic intentions for a diplomatic outcome. The result was that the U.S. did not send troops to Syria and a war that did not need to happen was avoided. This occurred during 2014 and the stories can be found in any widely published newspaper from January through April.

It is possible to achieve Peace for the world using Energy Healing. It is possible to achieve renewed resources of the Earth using Energy Healing.  It is possible to achieve healing in your life, in whatever area you need, using Energy Healing.

It is available, it is natural, there are no ill side effects, all you have to do is relax and let it flow through you from the source that provides. 

Linda Darin of Darin Transformations is prepared to help with any life situations or concerns. For more information on how you can participate, learn and receive healing, please contact us .


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