As an Energy Healer, Linda Darin Can Transform Those Negative Energies!

Linda Darin, of Darin Transformations, has developed her own healing method, called The Darin Method®, which is an intuitive, holistic approach to therapy. This method is based on a five-part process of self-empowerment:

  1. Recognizing negative thoughts, patterns, belief systems and memories
  2. Getting in touch with the feelings associated with these thoughts (fear, guilt, shame, etc.)
  3. Exploring their root of origin
  4. Questioning if these feelings are causing an emotional or physical symptom in the body
  5. Beginning Transformation

The Darin Method® combines Eastern and Western healing methods through intuitive counseling, invitation, invocation and permission. Linda evaluates emotional blockages, dysfunctional energy patterns, and how they are affecting the physical body. This clearing work promotes healing of emotional, mental, spiritual and many physical challenges. Every client receives intuitive counseling, tools, and even homework to help you through the healing process.

How did Linda Darin create The Darin Method®?

Linda began her career as a nurse years ago in the ICU at New York Hospital, where she specialized in death, dying and grief. Her intuitive gifts began to develop as she began to see auras and energy surrounding people for whom she was caring. She transitioned to home health care, hospice and psychiatric nursing care. She also served as an adjunct teacher in the Pace University, Rockland and New Rochelle school systems. Linda took her students through psychiatric wards, teaching them about psychiatric health, while gaining a deeper insight of it herself. Linda branched out into family therapy and

helped clients with addiction issues.

All of her experiences increased her understanding of mental, emotional and physical illness, tying it in with the spiritual aspect. She embarked on her own spiritual journey, going within and dealing with her own ego and shadow self. During this time, she traveled around the world with other spiritual healers and attended numerous workshops on the top of holistic healing. As a result of these experiences, Linda became open to the mental, physical and spiritual healing process, which transformed into The Darin Method®.

One of the many testimonials to Linda Darin’s intuitive healing comes from Julio R., a psychiatrist in New York City:

“My life had been a mess for the last couple of years and I knew I needed to get help to get out of a really bad cycle of self-destruction. I was feeling depressed, anxious, angry and full of resentments toward the world. I was certainly not in a good place physically, psychologically or spiritually. I was browsing the internetfor therapists in the NYC area and found Linda’s web site. I was interested in her holistic healing approach. Since I had already tried psychotherapy many times in the past, I decided to give the Darin Method a try. I have to admit that in the beginning I had my reservations. As we started with the sessions I began to shift gradually from a place of anger, sadness and self-destruction to a state of relative peace, hope, acceptance and contentment. My anger and sadness decreased significantly. I became better at taking care of myself and that love reached others. I particularly liked learning and healing the chakras. Linda was able to successfully address old issues and symptoms which had been causing me distress most of my ljfe. The biggest transformation that I have experienced was getting rid of issues of shame and moving towards a more alf-empowering, self-accepting and self-loving attitude. As someone who has gone through years of psychotherapy, I would highly recommend Linda’s innovative and effective Holistic Healing Method.”

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