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The Darin Method Relieves Lisa of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

There are 5 Main Components of The Darin Method ®

  1. Recognizing patterns and belief systems related to negative thoughts, behaviors and memories.
  2. Acknowledging the emotions associated with these negative thoughts, behaviors and memories. (ex. fears, guilt, shame)
  3. Explore their root of origin.
  4. Explore whether these negative thoughts, behaviors, memories and emotions are causing physical and mental symptoms in the body.
  5. Begin the transformation by releasing all negativity and associated blocks related to these patterns, belief systems, behaviors, memories and emotions.

Lisa’s Anxiety and Her Symptoms

Lisa, an office manager in her 40’s called Linda Darin complaining of panic attacks for several years. Her symptoms included: palpitations, sweating, shaking, sensations of shortness of breath, nausea, dizzy and fear of losing control. She had been to several psychiatrists and therapists who advised her to take many different medications to control her anxiety. Unfortunately, Lisa found no relief with these methods. She was at her wits end!

Lisa was willing to explore The Darin Method and use holistic tools daily as guided by Linda Darin.

The following are Linda’s notes regarding The Darin Method® with Linda.

1- Intuitively, I began to guide Lisa thru her childhood years in connection to her deceased Mother. I felt blocks concerning this relationship, so we explored every five years of her life with her Mother. I began to help her become aware of patterns that no longer served her.

Lisa explained her story openly and honestly for she felt safe and protected in the sessions. She explained that her Mother had patterns of obsessive cleaning and being perfect and had weight issues that forced her to starve herself and worry. She lived a robotic lifestyle listening and obeying her husband. Lisa describes her Mother having armor around her heart center, as she was very guarded. Lisa identifies and believes she has all these patterns. Until these sessions, she was never aware of this before.

2- As we continued to explore every five years of her life, Lisa began to be aware of some of her belief systems that were keeping her blocked and in essence caused her anxiety. She worried about dirt and germs constantly and believed she would catch an illness. She believed she had to watch her back and not trust people, especially men. Lisa also had perfectionistic qualities that needed to be addressed, yet she never felt good enough. She ate poorly and was overweight to protect herself from men. After Lisa explored some of these beliefs, she realized she was not free to live a healthy happy life. She was aware she was in bondage to these belief systems and was amazed at her beliefs as she reflected.

3- I intuitively expressed some of the hidden emotions and roots of origin that related to her patterns, beliefs, and memories that Lisa was holding deep within her cells. I expressed the fear and shame of Lisa not feeling good enough and the self-hate, and she agreed. She expressed feeling the abandonment with her Father. I also expressed her feeling the aloneness to protect the self and not trust and she agreed.

Lisa expressed her fear of dirt and her fear of gaining weight connecting to her perfectionism and she realized she had a lot of emotions stored within her that was causing the anxiety symptoms. She did not know how to feel before this guidance. She learned to block out and disconnect from all of her feelings. After every session she expressed feeling freer and relieved with this guidance and help. With this guidance and help to feel her feelings, she was becoming more connected to herself.

4- Lisa admits to many of her patterns and belief systems causing her physical and mental symptoms. Despite all the symptoms of anxiety mentioned above, Lisa had a lot of physical aches and pain, weight issues, food addictions to compensate for loneliness and no relationships. She describes her mental state as being fearful, nervous and angry most of the time.

5- Lisa and I used many healing modalities to free her from bondage to patterns, belief systems, memories and deep rooted emotions. This process unfolded as she was very focused on healing. We used the following healing modalities:

  • Color, light and sound healing to release her bondage from fear, guilt and shame.
  • Energy healing to open up the blocks and release the toxins from the cells.
  • Chakra release and balancing to align and open all pathways to the chakras.
  • Reiki for harmony; and
  • Shamanic healing for her inner child.

Lisa’s Progress

Lisa feels empowered today for she took responsibility for her life; made choices to heal; and made the choice not to play the victim role. She continues to come for personal development and uses many tools from The Darin Method® to stay empowered and focused. She is now socializing, feels she has a purpose to live and loves her job. She feels very comfortable speaking and relating to men.

The Tools Lisa Continues to Use:

  • Writing her emotions daily and journaling
  • Expressing her emotions
  • Affirmations
  • Aromatherapy
  • Visualization
  • Music
  • Color healing

Lisa is so grateful for her new life and is no longer in bondage to anxiety!

~ Linda Darin

Just as she helped Lisa, Linda can help you live a life free of anxiety. Contact Linda Darin today to schedule an appointment and begin your transformation through online and virtual sessions.