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Covid Pandemic Brought Issues to the Forefront

I began working with Linda Darin during the March 2020 covid pandemic, while quarantined in Savannah, GA with my college daughters. I was introduced to her by my oldest who had discovered her a year prior.


As a counselor myself I immediately knew something different about Linda as I saw changes in my daughter I had never seen before. Linda is a spiritual healer, mentor, and guide that allows deep healing.


I was ready to meet someone like that and the timing was perfect! I have suffered from feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, and shame/guilt for much of my life, although I didn’t always know it. Much was generational, passed down unknowingly by my parents and grandparents, then in turn became “untrue stories” of my child brain weaving its ugliness into the fabric of my past and present, and if untreated, my future.


It had, and would have continued to, affect my relationships with others and myself in unhealthy patterns. The pandemic brought it all forefront and I knew I needed some severe mind/body/spirit intervention in my life.


I turned 50 at the start of covid pandemic and began early menopause with hormonal and body changes that I didn’t understand. I was an unstable time bomb, laughing one minute, crying the next, angry and then sad.


Linda had met me as a single mom, who had previously been in a mentally abusive, narcissistic relationship with my children’s father. I decided to heal from that and also other unhealthy relationships.


Recently I’d been in a long-term broken relationship that I wanted to work on and lost without my two children who moved far away to college and no longer “needed” me. I’ve also been struggling with my worth and purpose, mortality and aging, unsure about the future, and just feeling “stuck,” like I was unable to move or do anything. I had sunk into a spiraling world of anxiety, depression, fear, not sleeping, worry, shame/guilt, unworthiness. The pandemic compounded it all.


I knew I needed something, but I did not want traditional “band-aid” fixes that I was used to in past therapy. I needed something different. I wanted a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach as that’s what we are. One cannot work correctly if the other two aren’t working and aligned.


Linda and I connected through Zoom and she has been highly successful working with me distantly. We began The Darin Method® and went back into my earliest childhood memories and worked forward.


We addressed triggers, and I retold the stories, erasing old beliefs with new ones. She helped me see things differently as an adult versus what my child’s brain had believed. She held me accountable for my growth through homework, preparing for our sessions through journaling, reading, and practicing self-care.


Linda never lets me play the victim and has taught me how to recognize and remove myself from the drama triangle. She empowers me by raising my energy frequencies with chakra balancing, energy healing, sound healings, and prayer to release dark emotions, which are the host for these dark energies.


After each session I feel lighter and more focused. Most importantly, Linda has helped me reconnect and develop a closer, more secure, relationship with God. Although she uses many holistic modalities, she is a Christian with a profound faith in our Creator and knows all healings and blessings are through Him!


Her background in nursing has been incredibly beneficial in helping me understand and work through women’s health issues. Linda is like an Old Soul. She has a gift of “seeing” and understanding. I can tell her anything without shame or judgment and we work through it.


She has provided me a toolbox of relevant mental, spiritual, and body health that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Linda is my mentor in mental and spiritual health, and has worked with me to heal all the jagged pieces of my soul into a new beautiful work of art. I am a masterpiece in God’s image!


I am still a work in progress, but I finally feel for the first time true deep healing that is lasting and not a “quick fix.” I have been accountable and responsible for doing the work, but the results are lasting and worth the time and energy. My daughters have seen the changes in me as well as others. I have grown so much mentally and spiritually and in my relationships with my family, children, partner, and others in just one year with Linda’s guidance. She’s my angel on earth and I am forever grateful our paths crossed.


Thank you, God, for this divine intervention at such a chaotic time on our planet!