Christie–No Longer Driven by Fear


5-simple-steps-super-confident-leaderThe first thing that struck me about 45-year old Christie was her beautiful smile. She was a well-groomed
woman, about 20 pounds overweight. In contrast to her smile, her skin looked ashen and she stuttered
Christie admitted she was referred to www.holistichealingny.com several months earlier, but that she had
avoided scheduling a visit. A business consultant in NYC, she’d been married for several years to a man
who works in a law firm. A psychiatrist had diagnosed Christie with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but
she refused to take medications for her anxiety.
The Darin Method ® allows a thoughtful, step-by-step treatment of a client’s inner bondage. Christie and
I learned the following as we explored together:
1-Recognizing Negative Thoughts: Christie had recurring, persistent thoughts about her own death and
her family members dying.
2-Acknowledging the Feelings: Christie was fixated with cleaning her home and the order of her
belongings. This helped her suppress her thoughts about death.
3-Exploring Their Root of Origin: Her patterns of housecleaning were at times consuming and
overwhelming. They interfered with normal routines, social activities, and her marriage. Christie
explained that the behavior developed in response to the September 11th tragedy in NYC. She had
witnessed the towers falling from her office window, while on the street people ran for their lives,
screaming. The smell of the fumes had never left her nostrils, and she had not felt safe since.
4-Explore the Connection between Negative Thoughts and Physical Symptoms: Christie was in
bondage to a fear that caused repetitive thoughts of death, as well as the compulsive housecleaning.
At the first session, I suggested that for every visit, we use energy healing and chakra healing sessions
along with intuitive counseling, in which I rely on my own intuition rather than on an outward diagnosis.
Her curiosity engaged, Christie agreed.
Christie lay down on the healing table. I invoked the energy of pure-white light love energy to assist with
her healing. I guided Christie to visualize breathing in white light and breathing out pink light several
times. With her eyes closed, she whispered that she felt the room fill with the energy of love and safety;
tears rolled down her face. The energy in the room reminded her of feeling protected as a child at church,
of the hush of Holy Communion. Soft chimes and bells played, enveloping her with sound. To assist in
purifying the room, I sprayed several blends of aromatherapy.
I was intuitively guided to focus on Christie’s base chakra, at her lower back. Light energy channeled
through me to cleanse and purify the base of Christie’s spine, during which she felt chills and warmth
simultaneously. Using tuning forks, bells, and the tones of my voice, I implemented sound healing to shift
the energy of fear from her body. I invited Christie to chant with me; together, we chanted the OHM
sound. Christy expressed an overwhelming sense of serenity at that moment. After a few minutes, I guided her to
open her eyes and walk around the room slowly, to begin to feel her body’s connection to the ground.
Christie expressed gratitude and smiled, but her eyes sparkled even more when I held up a mirror and she
saw the glow on her face.
5-Experiencing Transformation: Christie reports that after several months of healing sessions along
with intuitive counseling, she is no longer obsessed by thoughts of death. Our sessions focused on gently
revisiting the trauma until no more emotional energy was attached to it. We cleared and healed the
physical body as well, releasing it from the results from the trauma.
Christie now experiences herself as more loving, and she is enjoying her relationship with her husband.
Her need to clean and keep excessive order in the home has diminished. She says that life has become
joyous again. Physically, she looks younger, and she has lost weight. She no longer stutters. Both her
inner self and outer appearance have become energetically free from the bondage of fear, death, and the
obsessive cleaning that had been her only relief.