The Darin Method® – Birth to five years old

While searching through Google for a holistic healer who was offering chakra balancing, I found Linda Darin, who offers online healing sessions. I was looking for assistance with feeling unstuck as I repeated destructive behaviors. I was lost as I lacked purpose in my life.

After a few virtual sessions with the chakra healing, Linda suggested working with The Darin Method® from birth to five because the chakra balancing and energy healing are only temporary energy cleansings—they don’t address the root cause of why we keep getting stuck in destructive behaviors. I must admit that at first, I was skeptical because I did not understand how going back to my childhood could help my adult self. However, Linda made it clear that in overcoming past trauma was necessary to true healing, and telling my story was necessary.

During our virtual healing sessions, Linda helped me identify patterns and beliefs I had developed from my early childhood and the deeply rooted dark emotions that no longer served a purpose in my adult life.

These negative emotions from childhood, such as fear, jealousy, hate, anger, etc., were keeping me in strongholds of evil bondage in my adult life as they were the host for evil spirits. As a result of living with these patterns, beliefs, and negative emotions for decades, they affected my mind, soul, body, and will.

In the interest of genuine healing to overcome any emotional issues that were holding me back, I shared my story, and here are a few of my memories from birth to five that Linda helped me process as we identified the pattern, belief, and emotion that I developed.

  • Pattern: Trying to keep up with older siblings.
  • Belief: I compared myself to my older siblings.
  • Emotion: Jealousy

I was running after my siblings, often following them, touching their things, and I compared myself to them. I learned jealousy because I never felt I belonged in my family since I was so much younger. My siblings were thirteen, ten, and seven when I was born. I did not fully comprehend that they were so much older, and why I could not have all they had or do all they could.

Linda helped me process this comparing belief and the jealousy emotion that resulted. As an adult, I compared myself to wealthy people, and the negative feeling of jealousy kept me in bondage for many years as I desired to accumulate material possessions. Regardless of the material possessions, I amassed the moments of happiness that were always fleeting. However, what lingered was a void in my soul that money could never fill.

Through Linda’s Intuitive Council, she also assessed that I lacked spirituality and that God was missing from my life. She explained that a relationship with God could only fill the void I was feeling.

Therefore, Linda also evangelized me and helped me understand the importance of building a relationship with God by spending time alone in prayer, worship, reading scripture, and repentance from so many strongholds daily as this keeps us connected to God so that we can maintain positive energies in our life. It took me a while, but I embraced God and became a Christian.

Through Linda’s Intuitive Council, I admitted the stronghold of jealousy. Linda assisted in helping release these strongholds of jealousy with spiritual mentoring, deep soul work, and chakra healing. I went to God for help with this stronghold of jealousy.

I learned to consciously release the belief that I need to compare myself to others to determine my own self-worth. I now understand and believe that my sense of worth is not determined by material possessions, but by the light and love that fills my heart and soul. If I find myself comparing, I remind myself that God has given me all the necessary gifts to fulfill His purpose. Thus, I now have gratitude to God for what I have.

Linda also helped me process the pattern, belief, and emotions which developed while my older siblings babysat me:

  • Pattern: My siblings went outside while mom and dad were working, and they did not know.
  • Belief: Had to lie to mom because my siblings would hit me the next day if I told the truth.
  • Emotion: Fear and anxiety.

When I was three and a half during the summer, my siblings would sneak outside while my parents worked. I lived in the south Bronx in the projects. When my mom walked in from work, we were all back in the apartment watching TV. When asked what we had done during the day, I answered honestly and told her that we were outside. Her reaction was to beat my siblings because she told them to stay inside while she worked.

The next day, once my parents left for work, one of my older siblings would hit me for telling my mom the truth. My siblings explained I should not have told mom we were outside. After a few of those beatings, I learned to lie to my mom. As a result, I feared my siblings and developed anxiety because they were my caretakers during the summer months.

The lying continued into adulthood mainly to cover up shameful behaviors of over-drinking and engaging in lustful activities. Through our sessions, Linda clarified that deception is a stronghold that would hinder my connection to God. She helped me understand that I could only heal once I was sincere in releasing the lies hidden deep within my soul.

Linda’s Intuitive Council, soul work, and online energy healing sessions not only helped me remove the lies, but also made me realize that I no longer had to feel fear or anxiety for speaking honestly. As a result of the work, I am conscious of my lies, and I now choose to speak truthfully.

Linda also helped me process the negative pattern, beliefs, and emotions that developed because I lived with an alcoholic father.

  • Pattern: Father is missing because he is drinking outside of the home.
  • Belief: He was having fun with other women, and eating in the middle of the night was normal.
  • Emotion: Anger and hate.

Additionally, during my childhood, my father was an alcoholic and engaged in extramarital affairs. Therefore, he was missing from our home, and sometimes he came home in the middle of the night with food and woke us up to eat with him.

I believed he was not home because he was having fun with other women, and eating in the middle of the night was ok. Although I have fond memories of sitting on my dad’s lap in the middle of the night while we ate and being affectionate, I developed emotions of anger and hate for him. I did not know these feelings existed until working with Linda. I would not get to see him many nights before I fell asleep, and I missed his affection and love.

I no longer hold on to the pattern and belief, but the emotions were still very present in my adult life as I displayed bouts of anger and hate in some of my relationships. With Linda’s Intuitive Council, I was able to understand how this belief and emotions evolved.

After much spiritual guidance and mentoring through our virtual healing sessions, I understood my father’s behavior was not normal because he had a disease and did not seek help. As our sessions continued, I released these negative emotions as Linda’s Intuitive Council, soul work, and energy healings brought in God’s healing energy of light and love to my heart.

Linda also helped me process the patterns, beliefs, and emotions developed while living with my older sister, who possessed evil spirits.

  • Pattern: Glady possessed by evil spirits because of voodoo from my mom’s sister
  • Belief: I was afraid of Gladys and hated her
  • Emotion: Fear

When I was four, I was sleeping in the middle of my two sisters. My older sister was fourteen and possessed by evil spirits after my mom’s sister placed a voodoo. I believed I was too young to understand what was happening. Many nights I woke from sleep as she would sit up in bed, and her face distorted as she embodied an evil spirit, either man or woman, her voice would change, and as she spoke other languages.

I was terrified! I would jump over my middle sister and run to my parents’ bedroom screaming. As a result of seeing my sister in this horrific condition, I developed the emotion of fear rooted deeply in my soul.

Although the voodoo’s intention was for my mom, it did not touch her. Unfortunately, my sister became the host for the evil spirits. My mother turned to a woman who worked in Santeria, and she was able to remove all the evil spirits. And for a few years, we went to her gatherings several times a week as she used my sister to channel good energies.

One of the reasons I chose to work with Linda was reading her biography and I realized she could see and feel energies. She knew about the supernatural world and I realized she is someone who genuinely understands what I went through as a child. Hence, I felt extremely comfortable talking to her about what I experienced, not only as a child, but also as an adult. At times I was able to handle the presence of evil spirits entering my room, and I was fearful. It was comforting to have Linda understand what I experienced as I wanted help.

Through Linda’s Intuitive Council, spiritual guidance, mentoring, and soul work, she exposed the darkness. With the energy healings, chakra balancing, and sound healing, Linda released the bondage and strongholds from the dark entities of fear as she brought in light and set me free!

After these healings, I have an empowered inner peace and a quieter mind. I no longer fear evil spirits as I have a clearer understanding of how they get in, and I now know how to fight back by using scripture, prayer, and repentance. I am grateful that God is in my life and find comfort and protection in Him. As Linda cleared so much darkness, I was then able to take my power to fight!

Throughout our sessions, Linda was present, insightful, compassionate, encouraging, and provided a safe space to speak openly, and I felt no judgment. Through our virtual healing sessions she met me where I was and when I had setbacks, she patiently helped me process the situation and reminded me to speak to God and repent. I learned that the evil kingdom of darkness will always try to pull us back, but I have the authority to fight back, using prayer and scripture. Amen!

With The Darin Method® healing sessions Linda integrates many tools for home use for personal empowerment and independence. One of them is journaling emotions. It was a new concept for me, so I did not readily write down my feelings as it took me a while to connect to them.

After a few setbacks, Linda once again explained that they would not become a host for dark energies in processing and releasing the negative emotion right away. I finally followed her advice, and I find it beneficial to write down my feelings to prevent the chatter from forming in my mind and growing.

Although my emotional healing journey has been challenging, Linda reminded me that healing from the inside out is a transformational process with a lot of pain, tears, and release. Still, the result is an independent life full of inner peace and clarity.

She taught me to be mature, be accountable, and responsible for my healing. Furthermore, she did not allow me to remain a victim! Instead, she empowered me to understand that healing my mind, body, spirit, and soul was possible with God’s assistance.

“Jesus looked at them and said, With man, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 NIV

My most transformative healing session was when Linda guided me through a deep soul healing, and I had a vision of my birth to five-story through a lens of compassion instead of the wounded child.

I felt the pain and depression my mother endured in living with my father, an alcoholic, as she alone carried the weight of her four children and household while working full-time. I realized how sick my father truly was because he was an alcoholic. My siblings were products of two parents who were not well, and they too were suffering through the chaos.

At the end of my soul healing session, I saw a bright green light, and when I opened my eyes, my ceiling was the same color. This experience was supernatural, as I released hate and anger. I had love and compassion for my family. Additionally, I received a message of forgiveness, and since the soul healing, I have found forgiveness in my heart for my family members who were with me from birth to five. However, I must admit that I find it challenging to forgive my dad and I continue to work on this.

Through online healing sessions using The Darin Method®, Linda went to the depths of my soul. She opened my childhood traumas, and exposed the darkness. I can feel the pain and process the patterns, beliefs, and emotions. God’s healing energy released negative entities and realigned my soul. This experience is a supernatural gift!

“When Jesus spoke to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”. John 8:12 NIV

God uses Linda to heal those afflicted with negative energies, but God does the healing through her. God receives all the glory! Linda is helping me realign my soul and, as a result, completely changed the direction of my life. I am on a much better path than when I first met Linda. Thank you for all your assistance!!!

Thus, I changed destructive behaviors such as drinking and seeking lustful relationships, and I turned away from negative friends. Also, I’m not feeling lost as I move forward with a sense of purpose in my life. I have gratitude and appreciation working through my early childhood patterns, beliefs, traumas and emotions using The Darin Method® and the wisdom Linda has imparted to me through our online healing sessions. Working with The Darin Method® from birth to five has been a transformative healing experience for me, and I feel more responsible and accountable for my life. There is a maturity developing at the age of fifty-eight, and I am so grateful. I highly recommend Linda Darin!!