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Anxiety & Depression Ruled My Life

The Darin Method® Helped Me Learn How To Release Negative Emotions

As told to Linda Darin

An intense fear of change, coupled with deep anxiety and depression, kept my client from taking action. The Darin Method gave her the insight she needed to learn how to release negative emotions and make healthy life choices. Here is her story in her words.

My parents struggled to make ends meet. When my twin brother and I were born, it got even worse. Their stress set me off on a path toward anxiety and depression that paralyzed me from making healthy life decisions. It wasn’t until my mother’s passing later in life that I realized it.

I initially decided to work with Linda after my mother’s death, as I grappled with my grief and loss.  It was my first experience with counseling of any kind, and I purposely sought out a Spiritual Healer.  I am so grateful that God led me to Linda and that she suggested The Darin Method®. I discovered the foundation of patterns and beliefs in my first five years of life that dictated how I reacted to situations. By connecting to those early experiences, I was able to understand that my interpretation of the world, and my life choices, are rooted in those early years.

I could now understand why I didn’t have the tools to process my emotions about my mom’s death.  Through The Darin Method®, Linda gave me the tools to transform my soul, release my negative emotions, shift my patterns and beliefs, and choose to change my life.

When Linda took me into a deep Soul Healing from birth to age five, I could feel my mom’s profound anxiety and depression. I was shocked to discover that anxiety and depression were present in my family from the beginning, when I was in the womb with my twin brother.  My mom worried about how she and my dad would care for and support two new babies in their unstable living situation. This awareness brings me to the first pattern that continues to create anxiety in my life today: instability.

Pattern: No consistent home – Moving every 3-4 months
Belief: I’m not safe or grounded because I don’t have a secure home.
Emotional bondage: Chaos, Fear, Panic, Not Safe – too much change

Balancing Amid Constant Change

We were constantly moving from place to place due to my father’s job. I never felt secure or grounded; things could shift and change in a moment.  Anything or anyone could be taken away without warning. This manifested in me as an intense fear of change.

Even when I know I need to make a change or let someone or something go, I’m stuck – frozen until I push to make the change. I’ve stayed in toxic jobs and remained in an unhealthy and emotionally abusive marriage, all because of my anxiety and fear.  It took me months to act after I decided to pursue a divorce. For months I cried, falling into a depression, feeling hopeless and helpless to escape. Divorce involved change, and change was terrifying.

Linda supported me in my choice to get a divorce. She provided me with tools to release my negative emotions, and move my anxiety and depression out from my body, mind, and soul.  Weekly Intuitive Counseling sessions gave me a safe space to express my fears. Instead of dissociating from my emotions, I could confront them, processing what was transferred from my childhood.  Writing my feelings every day is still a tool I implement to stay connected to myself and my reality and deal with my feelings instead of ignoring them.

The Energy Healings online are also powerful cleansing experiences and help to release negative emotions. Linda guides us through all seven chakras, beginning with fear, which is a particular struggle for me. We clear and purify each chakra with deep breathing, essential oils, sounding, and prayer. I always feel lighter, more grounded, and have a clear mind afterward, helping me hear God, sleep well, and make better decisions.

Pattern: Living in scarcity – Depending on others to support our needs
Belief: We don’t have enough money, but our family and friends will come to our rescue.
Emotional bondage: Fear, Panic, Greed, Poverty Mindset

Confronting the Poverty Mindset

While I never felt like we were poor, when talking with my dad about those first years of marriage, it became clear how tight finances were.  My mom’s anxiety during her second pregnancy with twins was fraught with financial stress and worry.  My dad didn’t take responsibility to support us. He  relied on family and friends to fill the gaps.

As an adult, I pushed myself to overachieve in my career. I also leaned heavily on family and friends when I left my marriage and lost my job.  The anxiety of a poverty mindset had me grasping for more and never finding contentment with what I did have.

Moving up the corporate ladder and earning more than my parents ever dreamed of, I didn’t know how to be responsible with my income, having never been taught how.  I had more than enough to live comfortably and save. Still, I lived paycheck to paycheck, spending it all frivolously on clothing, home décor, eating out, and vacations. I sought pleasure and comfort to fill the emptiness inside me. The result was always short-lived and left me with more anxiety, fear, and shame over my mountain of debt.

Linda taught me the Energy of Money to handle my emotions surrounding my out-of-control spending. She guided me to a financial course to learn about budgeting and saving.

Fear and panic took over when I moved out of the apartment I’d shared with my ex-husband and lost my job weeks later. I cried a lot, alternating between dissociating from the stress of not knowing how to support myself and overwhelming panic. This continued even after friends and family offered me a place to stay temporarily, helped me pack up and move, and supplied anything else I needed.  Linda reminded me that God showed me his love through the actions of everyone around me during this painful time.  I was incredibly blessed but couldn’t see it until I wrote it down!

Learning to Let Go

One more symptom of growing up in the poverty mindset was that I hold on tightly to all the possessions I’ve accumulated.  I have more than I need in my apartment and even more packed away in a storage unit.  After moving into a studio, I hadn’t touched the storage unit in over a year; yet I paid each month to store it.  This was money that could be going towards paying off my debt.

Linda helped me work through different exercises to get more comfortable with letting go: throwing out one item at a time at first, the process of sorting and deciding what to keep, and ultimately releasing the majority of the items in my storage unit.

The first two times I tried to sort through the storage unit, I would open the door and stand there frozen as the anxiety coursed through my body.  I would get sweaty, short of breath, and my mind would go blank.  I had so much fear at just the thought of letting it go.  I was only successful when I gave myself a hard deadline, booked a pick-up with a donation company, and surrendered the sorting process to God.

At Linda’s suggestion, I armed myself with prayers, bible verses, uplifting spiritual music, and plenty of water and snacks to keep me going.  Miraculously, that day it just flowed!  watching my things being taken away was still very painful, but I knew to begin to heal. I had to let go.

Pattern: Wanting to be the star and center of attention
Belief: I need to be liked and feel valued when the attention is on me.
Emotional bondage:  Unworthiness, Fear of rejection

Giving Up the Spotlight

Performing at home, church, school, and work made me feel acknowledged, respected and valued.  The root of it is in how I sought attention from my parents to feel loved.  A father who works long hours and dissociates from his responsibility and an emotionally absent mother who disconnected from her children forced me to act up or act out to gain their attention.  I learned that just being myself wasn’t enough.  I had to overachieve and strive for perfection to be worthy of love.

The constant competition with my brothers, other women, and everyone around me at school and work, made it impossible to build true intimacy in any relationship, even with my ex-husband.

Linda encouraged me to create a daily exercise that exposed my dark emotions (jealousy, shame, anger and bitterness, fear, guilt) and sins so that I may repent of them to God. I realized we are all dark and light.  It broke down the veil of perfectionism. I strove for transparency and honesty both with myself and others.

I’ve received feedback that I’m becoming softer, gentler, and more approachable than before.  I have hope for genuine friendships and new love in my future. I am gaining Soul prosperity by speaking truths and shining the light on my darkness. (John 8:31-32)

Pattern: Painfully shy in new situations or meeting new people
Belief: Unknown environments and people are not safe.
Emotional bondage: Fear, Panic, Want to Hide

Conquering the Anxiety of the Unknown

Anxiety from all the changes in my early childhood made me fearful of new environments and new people.  I remember being terrified of Santa Claus. A close friend dressed up as Santa for a party but I would not go near him.

I would cling to my dad’s leg or bury my head in his shoulder when my parents tried to introduce me to new people. Because I was always performing, I didn’t know how to be myself in a new situation, I didn’t know what they expected, so I hid.

As I grew older, I became better at assessing a situation and transforming to match the people around me.  I thought this was what I needed to do to be welcomed as a newcomer. I didn’t realize that it was possible to see through the act to my low self-esteem.

When the company I was working for shut down during the pandemic, I went in search of a job. I learned so much about myself as Linda helped me evaluate each interview in a post mortem breakdown.  I was terrified, anxious, wanting to be wanted in a new job, but also believing that I wanted the job even if it wasn’t quite right for me. That desperation and anxiety came through in the first few interviews. When I tried to hide my anxiety, I was completely dissociated from my emotions.

As Linda helped me connect the dots about my performance and need for acceptance, I became more discriminating about my job search. I was more relaxed in the interviews, and eventually able to be myself. I asked the interviewers the right questions to help me make an informed decision about each opportunity. I continued with Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing for clarity and focus, and release as the anxiety built up. When my mind is clear, I can move forward in a healthy way.

Pattern: Selfishness – not wanting to share a birthday party with my brothers
Belief: I deserve my special day, my things, and focus on being on me.
Emotional bondage: Jealousy, Anger, Resentment

Shifting the Focus from Self to Others

My older brother’s birthday was only two weeks before ours. Due to the prevalence of snowstorms in January, my parents would often hold one birthday party for all three of us.  I was not happy with this situation as a little girl!  I had to share my cake with my twin brother and compete to blow out the candles and share the attention and gifts with my older brother. This brought out the jealousy, anger, and resentment at a deeper level, taking root in my soul.

This selfishness and petty comparisons make me miserable.  Jealousy sucked the joy out of my life and blocked me from co-creating my own unique life with God.  There are no blessings in envy.

To combat these feelings of lack and jealousy, Linda had me begin a gratitude journal.  Writing my gratitude for the simple things like my coffee, my loving cat, and my bed changed my perspective on what I need to be comfortable and feel content.  With Spiritual Healing, Guidance, and Intuitive Counsel, I am exploring what is in my soul through The Darin Method®, healing the fragments and aspects, and connecting body, mind, and spirit. I feel Soul prosperity by telling my truths.

In the Experiencing God workshop on Saturday mornings with Linda, I’m learning the difference between a self-centered and God-centered life.  And I have to admit, I’ve lived my life completely self-centered, and the root of it is in birth to five.  The unmet needs in my childhood (lack of a loving connection with my mom, minimal discipline, no sense of safety, chaos of moving often) did not allow me to build trust in my parents.

Our relationship with God is often a mirror of our relationship with our parents. Because of my trust issues with my parents, I haven’t been able to surrender and trust God completely.  Instead, I depended on myself to steer my life, with admittedly disastrous results.

I thank God that I have the opportunity to change my life by working with Linda Darin and The Darin Method®. I had no idea God had a bigger plan for me than just healing the grief with my mother. I am forever grateful! Healing the mind-body-soul has allowed me to realize my genuine connection. The secret of soul prosperity is walking in the truth. (3 John 1-4)

Linda has encouraged me to choose to shift my beliefs, change my patterns, and make new choices to live a healthier life and build a personal relationship with God.  She has helped me become more mature, accountable, and responsible.

I believe that I can move beyond the pain and traumas of my childhood. She is a true Faith Healer doing God’s work to bring love and light into the world.  I would not be where I am today, on the road to recovery and healing, without Linda Darin and The Darin Method®.

Thank you, God.


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