5 Tips for Battling Anxiety and Depression

With financial distress, relationship problems, and workplace stress Anxiety and Depression is on the rise. So how can you shake the incoming load?

Linda Darin suggests the following 5 Tips for Battling Anxiety and Depression:

1. Identify: You first have to be able to identify the source of your anxiety and then resolve. Seems like a simple enough task, Battling Anxiety and Depressionright? As easy as a plan sounds, it can often be very hard to identify triggers. When we are often in high anxiety situations, we are usually in the moment and unable to focus on reasoning. In the battle against anxiety and depression you have to be stern and a vicious warrior. We recommend seeing an unbiased intuitive counselor who can guide you through your anxiety and depression. We will come up with a plan and prepare you for the road ahead.

2. Evaluate: You can treat anxiety and depression naturally. Evaluate your situation and be mindful of sudden mood changes that occur.  What were you doing at the moment your mood changed? When your mood changed who was there and what was the situation? What was the source? You may find that meditating on peace constantly, may draw a red line that can be detected if crossed. If your concentration breaks from the thought of peace, it could mean that that situation is possibly a threat and considered a hazard to your mental state.  It would be beneficial if you record any event that you notice that increases your anxiety leaves. You may use something as simple a voice or memo notes on your cell phone or tablet. You can also keep a journal. Do not try and make a mental note this could cause more anxiety and lead to depression if it is a true stress marker.  Be vigilant in your assessment but do not overthink it.

3. Negotiating Feelings: Honesty is the best policy. Do not lie to yourself if something is bothering you, admit it! Negotiating or depressiondefending your feelings isn’t needed. Be honest with yourself and it will make it a lot easier to battle your triggers. Sometimes talking with family or peers is an excellent resource. However, family members and friends may be great at listening to a variety of issues, but they are not equipped with helping to guide you out of the Anxiety and Depression maze. It is good to seek guidance and support to help come up with ways to resolve your concerns. You might find that your strength to seek help was brave and indeed are also seeking amazing grace.

4. Consistency: When battling anxiety and depression, your mind may be wandering; it may be difficult to focus; and you may be constantly questioning your value or decisions. Meet with an intuitive counselor, like Linda Darin and she will help you along your healing path.

5. One Step at a Time: If you recognize you need help with Anxiety and Depression, then you made a great first step. Wanting a better life is a good thing.  It is a process that we can achieve together.

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