Transformational Story with The Darin Method®

Client Transformational Story with The Darin Method®


I began my healing work with Linda in 2015 after the passing of my brother. I was seeking help and guidance for the massive grief I was suffering at the time. Linda helped me with my grief concerning my mind, body, and soul. I did not know that the multitude of emotions linked to my brother’s death was taking a toll on my soul.


Feelings of abandonment, emptiness, and anger erupted through my sessions. Then I experienced an emotional healing through her support, love, and guidance, being brought back to God in a new and different way.


By working with Linda and her deliverance gifts, it became clear that the underlying emotion I needed to overcome was fear. I learned to break down the origins of the fear, move through it, utilizing Chakra balancing and release, bringing it back to God. Having God back in my life guiding me allows me to help release my perfectionism and move through life in an easier way.


I realized that with each dark emotion, I needed to release it through her gifts of guidance and wisdom, because the emotional bondage was holding me tight to a dark place. It was not only her gifts of deliverance, but I had to change thought patterns and beliefs that held me in bondage. It was clear to me that God was working through Linda to bring me the healing I needed.


My work with Linda moved to a higher level after beginning The Darin Method®. I learned about my behavior and emotional patterns. We also explored my belief systems—when they were established, and which belief systems are still present with me today. I was able to break down and truly see the patterns and belief systems that ruled my life and limited my emotional growth.


I discovered I oftentimes felt lost and alone and sought out others to follow. The people I chose to follow were also very lost souls. This fed into the belief system that I could not make decisions for myself, that my voice did not matter, and that I could not trust my emotions. It fed my feelings of abandonment, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, and poor self-esteem. I suffered with jealousy and competition and believed the only way to get my needs met was through achievements.


The underlying abandonment issues led to impulsivity in the form of drinking and running away from my problems. It resulted in me being disconnected and not being able to be present. It also resulted in my lack of being within reality because of the chaos and emptiness I felt.
I oftentimes played a part in the life drama of others. These patterns and beliefs had me stuck in life. I played all roles, or shall I say, patterns. I held the beliefs that kept me in bondage. I was the persecutor (raging) or the rescuer (fixer) of the addicts in my family. I most often fell into the role of the victim, as I felt like I should be taken care of because I did not know how to take care of myself emotionally.


The only way out of this emotional bondage was to become accountable, responsible, and mature in self-care. The healing sessions helped me shed the heaviness and weight that, at times, was unbearable. God was with me.


These patterns manifested as the spirits of perfectionism, emptiness, anger, anxiety, and being a workaholic held me in bondage. I was constantly fighting for control, putting up walls as to not allow anyone to see who I truly was and constantly on the move.


Linda taught me how to be present and shift my belief systems to reflect the person I want to become. Through The Darin Method®, I learned the origins of these patterns and can recognize when I am falling back into them as an adult.


I worked hard to develop new belief systems and review them often, as to shift my thought process to a healthier way of thinking through Linda’s mentoring. It was not only being aware of the patterns, but also changing my beliefs. The dark emotions were set free. I was no longer in bondage.
Through healing sessions I can feel the bonds between myself, and my codependent family members, shatter. I began to find my own inner power. My power comes from God. He lives in me and that is a “coming home” feeling of inner peace and serenity.


Linda has brought me to a place where I can be mature, responsible, and accountable for my actions and feelings. I feel the massive shift in the way I look at life, the way in which I process my feelings, and the overall calmness I feel when I finish a healing session with Linda. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for Linda Darin and watching God work through her.