From Traditional Therapy to True Healing

Client Testimonial – From Traditional Therapy to True Healing with The Darin Method®


Traditional therapy did not work for me. One therapist wanted to put me on depression medication and another therapist asked me for advice because she was puzzled on how to help me. At that point I knew that I needed to get spiritual help. Even though I did not know God intimately at that time, God knew me, and on a Google search He led me to Linda Darin.


In a nutshell, knowing and working with Linda has been a spiritual awakening. Linda has created a unique healing method called The Darin Method® to explore patterns, beliefs, and emotions. The Darin Method® has helped me put pieces of myself back together. It was as if I was a puzzle that was scattered all over the place and as I began to heal each broken pattern, I began to be in a new design created by God.


I always knew that something was emotionally off when I was growing up, and The Darin Method® helped me to explore the roots of my depression. Through a healing meditation, I was able to travel back in time and feel what it was like to be in my mother’s womb. I began to see the patterns of depression that started in the womb and manifested throughout my life. My depression had emotional roots of suppressed anger and rage.


I gained a deeper inner awareness. As I wrote out my patterns and beliefs, I noticed how most of them were holding me back from living a fulfilling life. I had emotional patterns of trauma, pretending, grief, denial, confusion, embarrassment, awkwardness, judgment, and sadness.


All of these emotions had entities and dark forces attached to me. With Linda’s gift of Deliverance, I was able to feel free from the weights and burdens of these dark emotions and I chose to change. I did not acknowledge these emotional patterns until I worked with Linda and went through The Darin Method®. The negative emotions were contributing to my stagnation. It was key for my emotional healing to identify all of the patterns, beliefs, and emotions. Without this enlightenment that Linda brought with her healing, I would have lived in the darkness of depression, trauma, shame, and all of the other patterns that clouded life and stopped me from experiencing body, mind and soul healing.


God was using Linda to bring me back to Him. Linda’s approach to healing my mind is unlike anyone I have ever met. I never went on any depression drugs yet I feel more joy that I have ever felt before in my life. The Darin Method® approach gives you the deep emotional healing that you cannot possibly receive from any medicine. It is the medicine of God. I took responsibility, accountability and became mature in this process.


Linda has also provided me with spiritual guidance. This is the missing link in traditional therapy. From day one she has pointed me to God and has guided my spiritual path. God uses His people to heal others and it is apparent that Linda is God’s servant in healing. He works through her to provide deliverance from spirits that try to take over individuals. I can attest to many energy healings of deliverance that have released me from the spirit of depression, the spirit of trauma, the spirit of shame, and many other spirits.


Before the healings, I felt as though I was in an invisible prison and could not escape. After the healings, I have experienced a deeper peace, joy, and liberation. Without getting spiritual help from Linda Darin, I would have continued living in darkness, pain, and a walking zombie. I am truly grateful I know God and have witnessed God working through Linda Darin.