Learning to Rely on God Through The Darin Method®

Linda’s spiritual teachings and spiritual guidance are the foundation of God’s love for me which is healing. God used Linda to teach me how to rely on Him daily.

One of the most transformative times of healing were during my teenage years, fifteen to twenty years old. Linda guided me to write out major events of unresolved issues that were causing me pain. Once I retrieved those memories through guided imagery, visualization, and meditation, I realized I had strongholds of feeling deep shame, insecurity, rebellion, pride, and self-hate.

The emotional strongholds were ruling my thought forms and my life. The more I held onto these dark emotions, the more I was giving power to these dark forces. This healing was powerful for it freed me from the demonic forces and then I had more clarity to change my patterns and beliefs.

Linda helped me to see the patterns and beliefs I was still holding and living out today, two decades later. As I wrote out the old negative patterns and beliefs, I was able to see the destruction they were causing in my present life. All my broken pieces began to transform, as I was able to have the choice to see clearly and be free of the strongholds.

I felt victimized in many ways. I was a victim to deep insecurity. In order to deal with this insecurity, I started to drink at a very young age in order to cope. I had a belief that alcohol would free my of inhibitions and allow me to speak freely without fear. With alcohol in my life, I felt that my voice mattered.

I also felt victimized to deep shame because my first intimate experience with a boy was scrutinized and ridiculed by cousins and peers. I believed that I was inadequate and unable to be properly loved and express love to the opposite sex. This led to a pattern of trying to prove myself sexually to a man in order to obtain love and acceptance.

Another pattern I had was to run away when emotions were too intense to handle. The triggers for me to run away were the dark emotions of shame, insecurity, and fear. Instead of acknowledging my emotions, my pattern was to escape. Most of the time that escape actually included running away and not dealing.

As an adolescent, I ran out of an audition when I could not remember my prepared dance. I also ran away from reality using alcohol. These patterns of running away continued into adulthood when I exited the vehicle on a busy street during an argument with my husband. I did not feel heard and wanted to make a dramatic exit in order to make a point. This pattern of escaping, whether literal or metaphorical, led me down a dark path of feeling even more shame, insecurity, and fear. What I was running away from was even more exaggerated.

Linda has taught me that feelings are a gift from God but they should not rule your life or be numbed out. I allow my emotions to be felt like waves of the ocean coming in and going out. As they come in, I feel them but I also let them go. I allow the flow and I can express myself in a healthier way.

The Darin Method® has given me so much awareness. I know my patterns of being a victim, escaping, and running from reality. I know my beliefs connected to alcohol and sexuality. I understand my old feelings of self-hate, shame, and constantly playing a victim.

I was angry with God for many years because I did not love myself. I did not love the person that God created me to be. I wanted desperately to be someone else, thinking and wishing that the ‘other woman’ was better than me.

Once I accepted that God made me exactly who He wants me to be, I began the healing journey of accepting and loving myself. It is with daily awareness that I choose to look at my patterns and beliefs and change them. I take accountability and responsibility to grow.

So now when I have an urge to run away, I stop and ask myself, what feelings are too much for me to handle right now? I journal my emotions daily and I ask God to help me understand why I am feeling a certain way.

I have an intimate relationship with God. Then, I pray and ask God to assist me to navigate through any negative emotions. I find comfort in Scripture and often turn to Bible verses when the feelings are too intense. These have been powerful tools that Linda has given me.

If it wasn’t for Linda’s spiritual enlightenment, I might not be alive today. Her alternative healing practice has provided me with anxiety relief, depression healing, and healing of my mind. My mind and heart are now connected to God in a new and refreshed way. Linda has helped me to understand the spiritual realm and most of all to know God. She is a spiritual mentor sent from God.