My Healing Journey with Breast Cancer and The Darin Method®

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2019 at the age of thirty-six years old. God worked in every aspect of this journey and Linda was an integral person who God used to bring me to complete healing. Linda used the The Darin Method® to help me stay grounded and not spin out of control in emotional turmoil. She instructed me to write my emotions daily and to check in with her.

Linda contacted her cousin who recommended a female breast surgeon. This was spiritual guidance from God to bring me to this doctor. I had a breast ultrasound on Tuesday, a biopsy on Thursday and diagnosed on Friday with stage one breast cancer. The following Tuesday, I went to my first appointment with the breast surgeon who sent me for genetic testing and fertility treatment right away.

I felt like I was running a marathon but was unsure of the actual destination. Would I need chemotherapy? Would I need radiation? Would the cancer spread? Will I die?

My healing sessions with Linda continued every week for one hour and they always ended with an energy healing. Linda used the power of God to release deep emotions of fear and anger that threatened to take me over during this time. Every week I went to session with news to report on doctors’ appointments and progress that happened.

At times I would focus on superficial things like the fear of losing my hair. Linda would bring me back to reality and assure me that it was just hair and to not fear. Her energy healing techniques were the reason that I was experiencing so much peace at a time when most would feel the terror and anguish.

My patterns to cope were just numbing out, blocking, and not wanting to deal with my dark emotions, but I was forced to stay in the moment and report to Linda how I was feeling. This helped me stay sane and not travel to another dimension in my mind because I felt overwhelmed. There was no time to put my emotions on a shelf. I believed I needed to deal with all that was going on and stay in the moment.

Linda had introduced me to a relationship with God several years before and this was vital to my healing. As my spiritual guide, Linda had directed me to the Bible during this trial. This became my source of strength and refuge and I often turned to ‘God’s Promises’ that is filled with Bible verses for every feeling. These were just a couple of the spiritual teachings that Linda has given me. I even took this book and my Bible to the hospital for comfort before and after the surgery. I set up a prayer table in the hospital. I felt God with me and I was not alone.

At the end of July, after countless energy healing sessions with Linda and deep emotional healing, I had a single left breast mastectomy. Before surgery, I was reading God’s Promises and was confident that God was going to guide the surgeon’s hands with precision. Yet, even though I had confidence in God, another part of me was terrified of walking into the cold surgery room with many strangers.

I knew that a piece of my body was going to be gone when I would wake up. I went under anesthesia with the possibility of waking up with either an implant, nothing, or a tissue expander. About an hour later, I woke up with an implant. This was a pleasant surprise for me because it meant one less surgery in the future. I was so grateful to God. Linda came to visit me that night at the hospital and offered me her love and support.

Post-surgery I met with Linda virtually for distance healing. This helped me during my recovery to release negative emotions and to stay in the present. I searched for post-operative doctors and Linda aided me during that search as well. I was looking for alternative and not traditional oncology. Even though I did not find an alternative oncologist, Linda’s work was crucial to my body, mind healing.

It is now over a year since my mastectomy and I am proud to say that I am a cancer conqueror. I did not need chemotherapy or radiation. If it wasn’t for Linda, I might not be able to write this blog of beating cancer with such ease. I learned, “In beating a physical disease, I needed to keep my emotional-self healthy. That was half the battle.” Linda’s emotional healing helped me to fight the battle with cancer. She is a spiritual healer that God has appointed to heal His people.