Finding God – Not Religion, During My Divorce

Marriage was not working out the way I thought it would. We were fighting non-stop about anything and everything, so we decided to try traditional therapy in order to get help with our issues. We had cultural and religious differences that were huge barriers in our marriage.


After a brief time with a traditional therapist, who was recommended by a co-worker, we were worse off than before. I knew there had to be someone out there that could actually help us. So, I did a computer search and found Linda Darin because our problems truly needed a spiritual healer.


My husband is an Israeli Jewish man, and I grew up Catholic in an Italian family. When we met, it should have been a deal breaker for me that we did not share the same faith. However, I was so lost in my spiritual journey and did not have a strong belief in Jesus. This led me to be swayed by other belief systems.


He is a pilot and I am a flight attendant and we met on a flight to Italy. I believed we were meant to be because of our complimentary professions and the way we met. Also, I was so distracted by the belief that a tall, dark handsome man would sweep me off my feet, that I neglected to stay in reality.


So, I flew to Israel for our first date. I felt like I was living in a movie and I let my thoughts stay in the script I had written in my head. When he asked me if I would convert to Judaism, I readily agreed without giving much thought. After all, I did not want to leave this beautiful movie that I was creating for my life.


After two years of marriage, we were unhappy, and it also included spousal verbal abuse. I was still struggling with conversion to Judaism because I knew in my heart it was not right for me. We started to see Linda for emotional healing and spiritual guidance.


Linda helped me to see clearly the patterns and beliefs that I was playing out in my life in an unhealthy manner. The Jewish beliefs were conflicting with my own Catholic beliefs and this was causing me to feel confused. I felt as though everything I grew up to believe was wrong.


This caused me to question my worth and myself. I also struggled with insecurity and this only magnified those feelings. There was an expectation for me to change my beliefs of God and this brought me great inner turmoil. In addition, the verbal abuse of the marriage was not healthy and needed to end.


Linda guided me and my husband to take some time apart in reflection. During that alone time, I explored my belief system of religion and God.


After one month apart, we met together with Linda to discuss whether or not we should get a divorce. We both showed up for our session well dressed and in good spirits. This was one sign that we were better apart than together.


We discussed for an hour what we both knew was inevitable, divorce. It was heart breaking for me to think that I was now going to be divorcing this man that I planned to spend the rest of my life with. He was more than a character in my movie, he was my husband. Linda helped me to communicate my feelings effectively and to find my inner voice and strength to know my marriage had come to an end.


It took several months, to realize that I needed to heal spiritually and emotionally. In working with The Darin Method®, I was able to get the healing place that I needed. Linda was able to assist me with body, mind healing. I was able to overcome the panic and anxiety with energy healing and chakra balancing. This helped me to experience anxiety relief.


Linda helped me to recognize my belief systems and patterns. My patterns of desperately wanting to be loved and people pleasing. The belief that I needed to change my religion in order to be loved and accepted by anyone. Also, I held onto a belief that I needed to be married by a certain age and live out a ‘fairytale’.


Once I stopped believing that I needed to change everything that was controlling, manipulating, and dominating me about myself, and live on a self-created timeline, I was on the road to loving and accepting myself.


Linda gave me many spiritual teachings that led me back to a strong faith in Jesus. Now my belief system cannot be easily swayed, and I feel worthy. Linda has been my spiritual guide and mentor through a difficult and emotional time of letting go of my marriage and embracing God.