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Color healing is utilized through visualization in which the holistic practitioner vividly holds the color in his mind and directs the color to the affected area of the client.

Color healing is taught to the client during breathing techniques. Specific colors assist to heal the body in daily living. Color heals specific organs of the body by releasing blocked emotions.

Linda Darin uses the visualization of color healing in conjunction with chakra balancing, release and alignment — unblocking and clearing chakras to create energy and spiritual healing.

Below are some examples of color healing with the primary colors of the spectrum and their healing properties:

*Violet is used to treat psychosis, coma, depression, migraines, brain tumors and amnesia.
* Indigo is used to treat schizophrenia, headaches, and insomnia and vision problems.
* Blue is used to treat throat problems, neck problems, voice problems, hearing problems, thyroid and colds.
* Green is the great healer. Green is used for pain all over, tremors, arthritis, respiratory problems, lung disease and heart disease.
* Yellow is used to treat digestive problems, hypertension, diabetes, fever and cold extremities.
* Orange is used to treat reproductive organ problems, sexual problems, kidney and bladder problems, lower back pain, cysts, fatty deposits, cold and infections.
* Red is used to treat bone disorders, lower back problems, sciatica, knee problems, constipation, frequent fears, and inability to focus.


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