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3 Benefits of Energy Healing for Depression

Energy healing is an alternative therapy that uses the body’s natural energies to promote health and wellness. At first glance, it might not seem like energy healing could affect depression. However, if you have ever experienced depression, you know a distinct physical component is associated with it. Depression can cause symptoms such as muscle pain […]

Self-Destruction to Self-Care

Each Breakthrough Brought Me to an Understanding of Myself What is self-care? Society has led us to believe massages, facials, a clean diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep make up a complete self-care regimen, but this is only a tiny piece of holistic wellness. I began working with Linda Darin after my mom’s death and […]

The Top Must-Know Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing is a non-invasive therapy that works with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It uses sound as a therapeutic tool to bring you into deep relaxation and meditation, where you can let go of stress and repressed emotions. One of the many benefits of sound healing is that it allows access to […]

What You Should Know About Intuitive Energy Healing

Suppose you’ve ever gone to a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, or another kind of physical therapy professional for help with pain or stress relief. In that case, you’re probably familiar with the term “energy healing.” What is that, exactly? The easiest way to describe energy healing is a holistic approach to health care that […]

What You Need To Know About Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? Those unfamiliar with the practice may not fully appreciate its many benefits. An energy healing session can help you cope with emotional and physical trauma on your journey to well-being. To start, learn what you need to know about energy healing and consider whether the Darin Method® is right for you. […]

5 Helpful Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

While we cannot always escape situations that induce anxiety, we can acknowledge and cope with those feelings. Physical and mental health are inextricably linked; our bodies and immune systems react in kind when we feel stressed out. Linda Darin created the Darin Method® with holistic healing principles in mind. When those negative feelings creep in, […]

5 Ways To Balance Your Chakras for Beginners

There are seven main energy centers in your body, called “chakras.” Referenced in Ayurveda, a medical tradition in India, chakras must be in proper alignment for you to achieve inner healing and peace. How can you maintain that balance? Peruse these ways to balance your chakras for beginners and try them yourself. 1. Regulate Your […]

Learning to Trust After a Lifetime of Secrecy & Lies

The Darin Method® Helped Me Find the Roots of my Adult Anxiety & Depression As told to Linda Darin My client’s deep anxiety and depression stemmed from a childhood amid addicts filled with secrecy and lies. The Darin Method® gave her the insight she needed to begin to finally trust herself and others. Here is […]