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Addiction is a disease that can have a profound impact on an individual’s life.

An addicted individual may end up abandoning family, friends, or profession in order to pursue the addiction at hand. One reason many treatments for addiction fail is that they are focused on only one aspect of the disease. With Darin Transformations, we foster a holistic treatment that focuses on the individual as a whole, and treats the addiction at its source instead of just managing its symptoms.

What is Addiction?

While many of us think of an addiction as the addict who wakes up each day and turns to their need to get them through the morning, day, and night, this is not always the case. A medical diagnosis of addiction involves the display of several behaviors, such as engaging more than intended in a certain activity, being preoccupied with the addiction, and rearranging one’s life around the addiction. Using these criteria, however, you can see that even a college student who organizes his or her life around going to the bar a few nights a week could be displaying signs of alcohol addiction.

Addiction is not confined to the traditional types of dependence, like drug or alcohol dependence. Many other forms of addiction are beginning to be recognized by the medical community, such as addiction to gambling, internet use, sexual activity, foodaholic or shopping. Indeed, addiction now has a large umbrella that can contain a wide variety of activities.

Traditional medicine often makes the mistake of treating a person’s symptoms instead of treating them as a whole person. Symptoms are only one manifestation of the disease, and making symptoms go away often leaves the disease to manifest itself in another form later on. Holistic medicine instead uses a mind-body-spirit approach that heals the person as a whole.

At DARINTRANSFORMATIONS the addict is assessed for intervention, rehabilitation, outpatient treatment and the12 step programs. The individual is guided to the proper treatment facility if needed. Those that are not in need of these outside services will be assisted with Linda Darin.

Holistic treatment for addiction can be very versatile, utilizing a number of different healing modalities. Most approaches entail counseling and education. The individual takes inventory of their emotions on a daily basis. Both family and individual services will often be employed to help the addict identify both the personal and social components of their addiction.

Intuitive Council may be used to identify childhood contributions to the present-day addiction. Linda also gives the client spiritual tools such as breathing techniques, gratitude journals, affirmations and prayers. These are just a few of the many tools fostered for recovery.

Guided imagery healing can be especially useful with addiction treatment. By using guided imagery the client can relax and control the urges.

Linda Darin utilizes spiritual healing to bring health back to the individual’s afflicted body energy. In order to rid themselves of the addiction, individuals must re-establish a flow of healthy energy through their bodies. These methods help to accomplish this.

CODEPENDENCY is also addressed for those that feel victimized by the addict. The family members can relate to these behaviors. They are taught to focus on themselves and care for themselves. They do not need to control and be responsible for everything because of feeling everything around and inside them is out of control. They learn to release themselves out of the drama triangle. They are offered hope and guidance and spiritual assistance.

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WHITE PLAINS | 1301 Mamaroneck Avenue | White Plains, NY 10605
MANHATTAN | 185 Madison Avenue, 17TH Floor Room 1703 | New York, NY 10016
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